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Please see my recent letter to NPSD residents published in The Reporter by clicking on the link below.

What I Stand For and Why I am Running for School Board Director

As someone who has benefited greatly from the education I have received, I know the value of having a quality education and what it can do for a person’s life.  As a result, I also believe it is important to volunteer and serve your community so that others may benefit from your experiences. Community service has been and will continue to be an honor and a privilege for me.

Also, being a working mother, I share and understand the challenges faced by working mothers across the district. More importantly, as the mother of a child in the NPSD, I am deeply vested in promoting a better educational experience for my son and all the children in the district.

I have three objectives as a School Director:

1) Continually raise the bar for all students so they reach their true potential,

2) Deliver the tools and resources necessary to allow all students to achieve success in whatever they choose to do, and

3) Spend taxpayer's money wisely at all times, and especially in these tough economic times. 

In order to achieve these goals, I will continue to collaborate with the North Penn’s staff to build on the academic progress and gains we have already made. I will research the best practices from schools across the U.S. and bring those best practices to North Penn. I will use North Penn’s long-range strategic plan, mission and vision statements, staff expertise, and common sense to ensure every decision being made is in the best interest of all stakeholders and that we continue to measure our progress against those goals.

The challenges faced by this district and all districts across the Commonwealth have become even greater in just a few years.  They will continue to grow in the next several years due to the enormous pressures from pension increases, financial strain from charter schools, and rising salaries and healthcare costs. We need people with innovative ideas with a willingness to make tough choices to control spending. I have a record of doing so as a former North Penn School Board member and as the Chair of the Alternative Revenue Committee (ARC).

In addition, if elected, I will use my extensive professional private sector experience to be a voice for all stakeholders. I know what it takes to be an effective member of a team. I know how to raise the bar for students and staff. I know how to meet the challenges of tomorrow. I believe these experiences will help North Penn in the future.

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